Abrosexuality is a fluid sexuality. It can change day to day, situation to situation. In some cases, the levels of attraction could fluctuate (someone could be grey-ace and abro and some days feel attraction, sometimes not), or an abrosexual's sexuality label could change any time (bi, etc.) The Sexualities an abrosexual person fluctuates between can vary from person to person (for example one could flunctuate between bisexuality, omnisexuality, polysexuality, and asexuality while another could fluctuate between pansexuality, demisexuality, and bisexuality while yet another could fluctuate between other sexualities).

Definitions by Abrosexuals[]

"It's hard to explain. You'll be happily going along, straight as a pencil, when you'll start looking at the girls in your class, not the guys. My sexuality, most of the time, is bisexual. But for the past month, I've been leaning toward heterosexual. It's just...fluid. If you think of clay, people can shape and reshape on a pottery wheel. My sexuality feels like it's clay that never fully sets." - Mai

"I don't know, it's kind of like being genderfluid, only it's my sexuality instead of my gender identity. For me personally, the labels I feel are 'me' are constantly changing--sometimes even on a day-to-day basis! At the time I'm writing this, I'm panromantic asexual (pan/ace), but over the past year or so I've also been straight, bisexual, biromantic demisexual, biromantic asexual, and straight again, in that order. I never know what my sexuality is gonna be on any given day, much like how genderfluid people never know what their gender is gonna be." - Sea

"Being a Abrosexual really changes your life. Feeling something different each day really makes me question my sexuality. Each day I feel a different attraction to people. I don't really recall how I found out I was Abrosexual. I think at first I was like "Okay I'm a straight". Then I switched over to Demisexual. Then I liked girls for a week. Then suddenly I felt straight again. All of a sudden I felt pansexual. At first I was freaking out like "What's happening?!?! Why don't I just stay one sexuality?!?". I guess I was looking at a sexuality video that said a sexuality and it's meaning, and I saw Abrosexual and what it meant. At first I didn't want to accept myself. But over time I started accepting myself as Abrosexual. Don't be scared to accept yourself for who you really are." - Anonymous

"It's kinda like the weather, sometimes it isn't the same for days, but other times it keeps going on the same for days on end. The weather might vary on the time of day, whether the sun is at its highest causing the air to be hottest. My sexuality is never the same for more than a day. I have to keep coming out to myself, but then it changes again. Right now where I wrote this I am asexual. It is really hard to get in a relationship because you keep changing. I decided to accept this, because it is who I am and nobody can change that." -StarWixard

"It's like an explosion in your mind. You feel lost and misrepresented, and then you finally find that one label you needed so much. I'm bisexual, but I want people to think I'm more special than anyone else, so it makes me pretend to be something I'm not for attention. I really like it when men and women pay attention to me, but nowadays bisexuality isn't special and unique enough. I needed a brand new label that would mean the exact same thing while sounding more exotic. This term is perfect for me, I feel so valid and seen!" - JenniferRose

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