The following is highly debated and controversial identities and labels. This page is to make those wary and aware and come to a basis of understanding why some are deemed controversial.

Attraction to celebrities or fictional characters.[]

Note that these do NOT include sexual fetishizations and instead labels people use due to a really strong attraction to the thing mentioned.

  • Animesexual/Animatesexual[2] (The exclusive attraction to anime characters, not to be confused with "bakugosexual", the exclusive attraction to the anime character Katsuki Bakugo)
  • Dreamsexual (The exclusive attraction to the youtuber Dream, not the same as sognaresexual, a label for those who only experience attraction in dreams.)
  • Danganronpasexual
  • Fnafsexual
  • Mermaidsexual
  • Actorsexual
  • Madsexual
  • Bakugosexual
  • Heatsexual
  • Redsexual
  • Addisonsexual
  • Jackscepteyesexual
  • Mikusexual
  • Fortnitesexual
  • amogusexual
  • Charliesexual

Philic "sexualities" (All not valid)[]

  • P*dophilia (aka Mapsexual)
  • Zoophilia
  • R*pesexual
  • Zoosexual/Zoophilia
  • Animalabusesexual (Someone coined it in my discord server just to be satire)

Attraction to people of a certain orientation[]

Fetishizing orientations causes a problem as it sexualizes those who are dating same-gender or may instill harm, especially towards gay and lesbian groups.

  • Quasihomosexual
  • Quasilesbian[3]

Attempts to let cishetallo people into community[]

"Spicy Straight[4]" or "Semibisexual[References the sequel 1]" are genuine forms of transphobia or biphobia in attempts to join the LGBT+ community. However, a portion of the bisexual community reclaimed semibisexual as a label, "attraction to many genders but have a heavy preference to one gender but attracted to all". However, it is recommended to be wary seeing this label as most of it is simply biphobia. The actual bisexual users of it usually have internal biphobia.

"Super straight" is a sexuality where a (usually cis) person is only attracted to cis people. It is often associated with transphobia, as people think they do not believe in transgenders. Many people attack them and Give them death threats just because they prefer not to date transgenders, although you cannot control who you are attracted to.


Super Straight is derived of transphobia and makes transgender individuals seem like the gender they aren't, however, a preference to date cisgender because the personal belief or one would rather date someone of the same experience is alright. However, many people think this is transphobia and give death threats (as you can see in the comments) because of their personal preference. Many will delete this and act like this is not true, though it is, and you should stop giving online death threats for your own good. Those who try to control who they are attracted to try to bring everyone in, but just personally cannot control this, and it is something you are born with. Straights used to trap gays and lesbians people in jails back then, now it is the trans, gays and lesbians attacking the straights for not wanting to date transgenders. Very shocking, right?

Rad-med or Rad-truscum[]

While the transmedical community is diverse in its beliefs, and may accept non-binaries and such, however, there is a portion that are named "radmeds" due to their radical beliefs on transgender and thus harming the transgender community. It is seen as a form of gatekeeping and restricting transgender people. People like Kalvin Garrah and Blaire White may be seen as a rad-med but Kalvin and Blaire haven't called themselves truscum but rad-meds may use them as a basis for their beliefs. Some beliefs may be the following:

  • Presentation-nonconforming trans people shouldn't be a thing and presentation must equal gender in order to be valid as a trans person.
  • Gender Dysphoria of any kind means you are trans, however it is common belief by both rad and non-rad-meds, radical truscums may gatekeep how much dysphoria is needed, if its little then one may not be seen as trans or enough to be trans.
  • Trans is a mental disorder, another common belief however one that isn't liked upon by the transgender community. In fact, most transgender people are neurotypical with no signs of any "mental disorder" that gives them dysphoria.
  • If one does not transition they aren't trans. Another form of gatekeeping how to be trans, and not acknowledging some trans people are not able to get the necessary things to transition and thus invalidating many pre-transition transgender individuals.
  • Trans must be proven by science. It can also be invalidating towards some trans people who do not have that differing brain activity to their sex, or even just needing something to be researched to be viewed as valid. It can be considered harmful, comparing it to something such as DID, a disorder that is only recently validated, there was science behind it, however, the science wasn't doing it good and proceeded to present the dissociative disorder as harmful, further damaging and harming the plural community. It's only recent that science and research has validated it. While using science to back up the validity is fantastic, however, not acknowledging science constantly changes and scientific views on certain things changes overtime can end up harmful.

Gallery of Controversial Flags[]

The super straight "flag"

These flags are considered controversial, be aware when seeing these.

The dreamsexual "flag"

The zoophile "flag"

The p*dophilia "flag"

Semibisexual's "flag".

The addisonsexual "flag"

The charliesexual "flag"

The r*pesexual "flag"


  1. Singular person attractions is considered controversial due to the fetishization some believe or claim to see it as a mockery to sexualities.