Rules of the LGBTQ+ Wiki:

Rules for All Areas:

  1. Be respectful to everyone.
  2. Answer people's questions by being polite. Same goes for asking questions, be polite.
  3. Make sure to use the wiki appropriately. This wiki means a lot to some people.
  4. Don’t ask extremely personal questions. Some people might not be comfortable answering them (Ex. Birthday, Age, Address, Phone Number, etc.)
  5. Do not be disrespectful about someone's, religion, gender, etc. (this includes respecting neopronouns)


  1. Add {{reflist}} to all pages that have sources
  2. Try to add sources to all pages possible by going into the source code and typing "<ref>*insert source link here*</ref>". If you can't do that, comment the source and where it should go

Message Boards/Comments:

  1. Don’t post rude/hurtful messages on peoples message boards.
  2. Comment areas need to be polite and respectful. No rude comments about the sexuality or gender.
  3. If you would like the message on someone’s board to be private; just put the word private on the subject.
  4. For conflict prevention, we prefer that politics stay out of this wiki, as it can cause discomfort to users.

Live Chat

  1. Do not chat just to be obnoxious or to get a reaction out of people. This falls under "be respectful"