Write your name here if you're LGBTQIA+. You can add your sexuality and/or gender, if you're questioning your sexuality and/or gender, and some basic info about you.

  1. Wessa-or-Jessa?(User and Founder) My name is Mai and I'm questioning my gender. Trying out they/them pronouns.
  2. Charlotte O CATS KOTLC (User and Captain) I'm Char and I'm questioning :)
  3. MagicDaydreamer (User and Captain) I'm Cress
  4. Lumenaria (User and Captain) I am bisexual and sometimes I change my pronouns.
  5. LunaLovegood397 (User) I’m Luna and I’m questioning my sexuality. I use She/Her pronouns.
  6. Keeperforlife (User) Either Pansexual or Bisexual
  7. AwkwardShadowThoughts (User) Hi! I'm Aelin. I'm non-binary (they/them pronouns) and questioning my sexuality. I currently use the label pansexual, since that what fits me for now! But my gen-sex-der-uality is fluid, and could always change
  8. Some1New (User) I'm biromantic/bisexual.
  9. Dauntless-Shadow (User) I'm Mai, questioning my gender and sexuality, though pretty sure I'm polysexual or pansexual. I use they/them and she/her pronouns.
  10. IcepetalTheIceSilkWing (User) I'm Icepetal and I'm questioning. I use she/her pronouns, and I think I may be biromatic asexual.
  11. Corathe Guster (User) I'm Cor and I'm... actually, I don't really know for sure. I think it involves being bisexual, maybe gray somewhere too.
  12. LakefeatherCinderolan (User) Hey, I'm Lake and i'm panromantic. I am questioning whether I'm Pansexual, Demisexual, or Gray-Asexual. I'm cisgender female. (She/Her pronouns)
  13. Iron maiden is lit I'm questioning whether I am bisexual or not
  14. XPDEADBODY I'm a trans homosexual man (I'm a transgender man that likes other men)
  15. Ramennoodledoggo (User) hullo! im Ramen, and i am proudly demisexual! I have come out to my parents as bisexual, which is what I thought I was, and recently tried to come out as demisexual, which my mother responded to, that doesn't exist, I think you are confused, etc. I am so glad I have found this wiki!
  16. SakuraTheLeafWing1223 (User) Call me Sakura or Liz (my nickname). I’m a bisexual but I wish to be transgender. My brothers tease me because I like girls, and I haven’t told my mother about my sexuality yet. All of my friends (in both the Fandom and IRL) support me, no matter who I am. I’d rather have he/him or they/them pronouns than she/her pronouns.
  17. Rose.chan2 (user) I go by Rose or Rosie. Please use they/them pronouns. I am bisexual and I am questioning my gender. I am willing to support anyone. When I came out to my friends one of them told me I was a (insert bad word) and told me to never speak to her again. All my other friends (in real life and online) and family support me. I love making friends so if you want to make a good friend then talk to me.
  18. Silveny08 (user) You can call me LuLu. I use she/her pronouns, and currently define as bisexual. Being bisexual is pretty new to me, and one of the people I like is this girl, and we are already friends before I started liking her. I’m still pretty young, so I am happy about the place we are in as friends.
  19. User:Lucat 13 (user) I'm Lucy! I use she/her pronouns, and I'm aro/ace.
  20. Deep-Sapphire--New user!--Hi! I'm Naomi, a proud Christian and closeted biromantic asexual (bi/ace). I'm female but currently identifying as genderqueer (usually I prefer she/her, but almost anything else is fine too). Nice to meet you all!
  21. Light Fairy - hey everyone! nice to meet y'all! I mainly go by Nixie or Essence. proud to be a lesbian (she/her pronouns) and currently quite happy with how my family and friends are accepting. I wish for everyone to be happy with who they are regardless of gender/sexuality <3
  22. Extragæ-(user) Hai! I’m am a proud gay (use he/him). I am Rose.chan2’s (17 on this) twin brother. I’m their insane side. I am really happy because the guy I liked asked me out. We love watching anime.
  23. Cam(user)- hi I'm Cam polysexual questioning gender identity. I usually tell people I'm a gay woman but non-binary fits me well also!!! Pronouns: she / her / they/ them. Not a lot of people know about polysexual. Polysexual is the sexuality between bi and pan which means I'm attracted to multiple genders but not all of them. Personally I'm attracted to females but dating trans non-binary or genderfluid people seems very natural to me
  24. CatMental (User) - Hi I'm CatMental and I'm questioning my sexuality and if I'm bi.
  25. Landyid-(here for 4 seconds) I'm pansexual and genderfluid or non-binary?
  26. Cocoa.the.RainWing: Currently questioning whether I'm omniromantic or neptunic and whether I'm female or parafemale. She/her, xe/xem, and ae/aer pronouns.
  27. @Mhoneybee27 I am a Pansexual Genderfluid
  28. BobTeaTrans rights are human rights Hi there! I'm Bob or Boba, I am Non Binary(they/them) and pan. I love to vibe, eat ramen, draw, and pet my cats. I am a witch in training, strong defender of trans rights, and am almost always willing to help those in need. But most of all, happy to be here <3
  29. Hey! I'm Kyotaina, I'm a demiromantic and an asexual. I love making fanon, and writing my own stories! I like to research on my favorite things and fandoms. I hope we can get along!
  30. Hi! I'm Sachem. I'm genderfluid, aromantic and asexual. I go by he/him and they/them pronouns.
  31. I'm Stronghoof! I identify as a trans demigirl (I transfer between female and agender), and I'm polysexual! I use fae/faer pronouns.
  32. LordHunkyhair&BangsBoy Genderfluid/agender and pansexual
  33. Iloveharrypotter and I am Alexandra potter Hi im alexander or keira and im Bisexual and gendefluid. I use the they/them 13 and love art,harry potter,miraculous ladybug,and anime
  34. Hiya! I'm Emilia. I go by she/her and I'm a cis adrosexual omnisexual female <3
  35. SevenOutclaws: Asexual/demiboy/biromantic
  36. Heyo, I'm Quick. Questioning my gender, maybe a boy lol If I am a boy, I'm homosexual
  37. Hi, I'm PinkyBubbleGum I'm hetrosexual, but might be adrosexual. I'm biromantic, and my gender is demigirl or demigirlflux. My prounouns are she/they. You can choose whichever.
  38. Hello. I'm bi. My other account is BNHASTFan. I'm so much like a boy I don't know if I should call myself one. I'm new to this fandom.
  39. Hello There! It is I, the Gayest Memelord! I am a AMAB demiboy, a homosexual, and abroromantic. That basically means I like men sexually but my romantic orientation is fluid and rapidly changing. Fun fact: I am the Ear Shucker of Corn.
  40. im pan and I don't like big words, my other account is BetaKolider0
  41. Warriors&Crybabies hi, im Alex. im transgender FTM and use he/xe pronouns, and im gay.
  42. Saluations, I am dawn/indigo/basil or any name you decide to call me. I am genderfluid and abrosexual and panromantic. I go by any pronouns, or any pronoun of a gender you might see me as. My username is IndigoSorioty and my old username was Dawnsterplayz.V2 My old account was dawnsterplayz, but it was hacked. I am genderfluid, but I do not care what you see me as.
  43. Hello, I am Galaxiagacha, you can call me Trinity too(real name), I am 13, I am lesbian, pronouns are she and her. I think I might be polyamorous. I like to make friends.
  44. Hello, I'm Angel. I honestly am going through an identity crisis right now, so I have no idea what I am but uh... I currently go by They/Them pronouns. I also have no idea what my sexuality is, but I like girls or anyone who's cisgender was female before... I'm not sure if that makes me pansexual, or...
  45. Hi, I am STIK2009, but please call me Shawn. I am homoromantic and asexual and male. I use he/him or they/them pronouns.
  46. Im a bisexual demigirl who goes by they/them pronouns and who would like to be called Storm, as my birth name is: 1. Something I don’t share online 2. To girly.
  47. Henlo, I'm Finn! I'm transgender and asexual :D my pronouns are he/him. have a nice day!
  48. Hello! i’m Arson, i’m non binary and asexual biromantic. my pronouns are they/them, stay safe :)
  49. Hello! I'm Eva, I'm bisexual and is willing to make some new friends. My dad really homophobic so I don't know how to come out. Although I don't really need to think about coming out since I'm probably going to be single forever. lol. :)
  50. Hello. I am Ice Shard and I am lesbian. Pronouns are she/her. Thank you for reading this.
  51. Hi, I'm trans and gay. Pronouns he/him. I have a LOT of depression. Trying to figure out how to love myself....
  52. ColetteTheBirb My name is Colette. I am cisgender female and my pronouns are she/her. I am panromantic demisexual. I am NOT BI!
  53. Raythedumbass Hi!! I'm Raiden (or Ray). I'm genderfluid, panromantic, and asexual. Pronouns are they/boo/faun/gem, but I don't mind most neopronouns.
  54. Hi I'm kittysea123, I’m pansexual, Demigirl. I’m just figuring out more. Anyway, Pronouns she/they/them
  55. Hi i'm Colin or Astro! I'm ftm, cupioromantic, pansexual and go by he/him pronouns! :D
  56. ello----i go by mika---im trans/gay-----and i go by he/him--
  57. sup its bebe my user is salemsays (previously katarakinnie) and im bigender, however my pronouns are they/her or she/him, im also not sure if im poly or bi or not.~~~~
  58. Hiya! I'm Jade the weird random bigender lesbian, and I am a agender and dragongender lesbian! (Non-binary lesbians exist you know!)
  59. hi! im Calamity Call but you can call me lemon im nebulasexual, philoromantic, and genderfaun! my pronouns are he/they but i use a lot of neopronouns! i suport all identitys that dont hurt anyone and come to me if you want to talk!
  60. Hello! I'm [1]Sonapra! I'm a closeted AroAce! I use she/her pronouns.
  61. Blue wolfie7 Im just a lesbian girl , u already know my pronouns if im a girl
  62. Cleverduck09- Hi! I'm Dana/Astrid, Bisexual with a strong preference for girls. Questioning Demigirl, she/her or they/them pronouns for now!
  63. My name is Ashton and i am a Transgender (he/him pronouns) Demisexual Panromantic
  64. 🔍Ice cold wolfie🔍 im lesbian and im kinda a demigirl , im also abrosexual , i have a photo of my sexualities
  65. MyUserName611s BackUp (User) I’m asexual and heterosexual.
  66. Awkward Boy In the Back of the Room | Sup! My name's Luke, and I'm Gay.I use They/Them pronouns! Awesome to meet you! :D
  67. @yourlocalfrogs - okay, this is going to be a lot, we have osdd-1b, so here is every one in the system. 1, Gray he/they trans, enby, and pan. 2, Alexander he/him genderfluid and bi. 3, Shadow no pronouns ace/aro, 4,*our little*. 5, Raven he/they demiboy and omni, 6, Angie any pronoun genderqueer, poly. 7, Iris she/her cishead ally. 8, Phia she/her lesbian. 9, Artemis Fowl II he/him pan. 10, Tears ze/her demisexual, demiromantic, and bi. okay, thats it (i think lol)
  68. (nice) @SantaAteOhio I’m genderfluid and I like guys.
  69. Dragonsandmeerkats Hi! I'm Meerkat, and I'm abroromantic, aroflux, and ace. I read waaaaay too much, draw and get procrastinated and distracted a lot. I love WoF, and my pronouns are she/her.
  70. Hi, I'm Vera. I'm bi with a preference for girls and my pronouns are she/her or they/them.
  71. Lovethefluffydragon Heyo, I'm a pretty chill user who recently joined the wiki. I'm a biromantic lesbian and don't have much else to tell.
  72. @Moonwatcher27 - Eyo, I go by Moon and use she/her pronouns but I really don't mind, and identify as an ace lesbian~~
  73. Hello! I am Aleena, I am a pansexual, cis-gendered female. I am questioning whether I am pronounfluid or not. I love to write, play sports, play video gameses, do dangerous stuff, and draw. I am kind of a violent person
  74. Hey everyone! I am AdingTylers Aka JC, I am a Pansexual female. I am scared to be open because of my religion but I am trying my best to be more open about it. I love reading, writing, listening to music and creating stuff. I am very much a bookworm.
  75. The Cat Master (talk) 10:51, 9 March 2021 (UTC) Hei, I’m an openly gay cis male
  76. .Hghpst Hi! My name is Samantha and I am a lesbian female!
  77. Draco Feline Hey my dudes. My name is Avery I joined March 20th and I'm a omniromantic/demisexual female. I come from a LGBTQ+ supporting family at home but my grandparents are homophobic and im under 18 so I stay in the closet. I love eating, petting my cat, reading, writing, creating videos, chatting online, and cussing. I hate school though lmao 🤣. So happy to meet you!
  78. Redgummybear44 Hewo! Please call me Red or Gummy. I'm bisexual at the moment, but I also identify as abrosexual. I love anything rainbow, gummies, Wings of Fire, kawaii, playing my ukulele, Animal Jam, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Zelda BOTW, and creative writing. I use she/her pronouns.
  79. Hello! I’m Bug! I go by He/They pronouns 🌸 I’m a transgender, heterosexual male :), I like Zelda, I watch Anime and I like drawing. I’m currently obsessed with mcyts (mostly Wilbur Soot) and Danganronpa! I also cosplay and stream on twitch :)✨🏳️‍⚧️✨🏳️‍🌈✨
  80. Heyo, Im @LeahForsea and I am Asexual Panromantic! I have only just come out of the closet. I use she/her/they pronouns and have a enbyfriend/boyfriend that I call Lemon! You can also call me Leanne, Lee, Silent or Gemires-I don't mind any of them. If you need any help figuring out your sexuality then feel free to message me!
  81. Hi I am Jay/Skye and I'm a Femme Nonbinary Abrosexual and im a content mod on another light wiki and I run two wikis I am a gamer I play fortnite,Minecraft,roblox,etc
  82. Hi, I'm GenderfaePrincess and I'm a genderfae pansexual. I love cats!!! I have adhd, anxiety, and ocd but if you need someone to talk to just send me a message!
  83. Hello!! I am @CharlieEmilyLolz- I am Pansexual and go by She/They pronouns. I love Anime and FNAF! I also like Gacha, Roblox, and Minecraft. My favorite anime is MHA/BNHA. You can call me my IRL name (Maddie). :>
  84. Coffee and energy drinks are the things keeping me awake to write this and I am not at all ashamed- Anyways, I am user ThatGarbageBean and spend most of my time drawing, playing roblox or minecraft, sleeping, or doing jujitsu- Ahahaha and we can't forget about my obsession over coffee and energy drinks- I live off of them. They are my water. I use all pronouns except it/its but my preffered pronoun selection is he/they! Any is fine though- Call me Charles (CHAR-ELS) or Taski- (TA-SKEE) and I am a demisexual, pansexual + panromantic genderqueer / questioning genderfluid entity- Also ahhaha the best anime is MHA/BNHA, change my mind. B y e . - @ThatGarbageBean
  85. hey there, im fern ( @L0v3lyf3rn )! im a demiboy, i use he/they pronouns. Im biromantic demisexual, and questioning demiromantic or greyromantic. Im just a user not a mod or anything. Im pretty new to fandom. I like minecraft, drawing, and talking to my friends. Im very uncomfy around people who make explicitly s^xual jokes so um yeah. I hope to get discord soon but as of currently i dont have it 🙄‼
  86. Hi I am Apiki! or Api! (@Apiki) I use any pronouns, i'm Pansexual & on the spectrum of poly, i have discord, i love anime, i love mcyt! i play minecraft, i make gacha stuff, please don't give me hate for that, i am sensetive in jokes i don't usually get them, i am autistic & i have ADHD, i am pretty new to this fandom/wiki, but yeah, thats about it about me :)
  87. "Hai! My name is Ozzie, [@Username OzzieLuvsNewt] questioning my sexuallity, and I identify as non-binary. I prefer they/them pronouns, but he/him is fine, and she/her is OK :>"
  88. Hey lol. my name is eli, i’m asexual and i identify as agender. I prefer they/it pronouns but i’m fine with he/him. my user is @EliTheEnby lol.
  89. Hi! I'm Vanessa (call me Vanny) [username @Lxvenderjewel] I am neptunic, but considering if i'm bi or pan. I'm also aegosexual. Pronouns she/her, ve/vem, and i'm also okay with they/them. i think i am a demi-girl.
  90. Hai! My name is Cian, [ Snapchat: @GamerBoiCian], I identify as Enby (Non-Binary). I prefer they/them but he/him is ok too.Anime is amazing I love One Piece and Dragon Ball and Shoujos too!
  91. •Glitch• Hi, my name is liz and I am asexual.
  92. Hello my name is Maddie! My username is ShreksDog(talk)- I am a lesbian and questioning by gender, maybe Non-Binary. I like to make memes and pull pranks- 😏
  93. hi im tsio (4morouss) im genderfluid and possibly pansexual (im not sure really-)! any pronouns are fine! i like anime, manga, wattpad (😏) and i like digital art! dm me on ig @hangeslonglostwife have a good day :D
  94. Hi I'm MidnightdaNight-Seawing or you can call me Midnight! I am questioning but might be Omnisexual. I use she/her pronouns and am female. I like WoF, FnaF, and Drawing!
  95. Hello I'm Tess. My username is Pan5687. I am omniromantic, demisexual and demifluid(for now). I prefer gender neutral pronouns, but any pronouns are fine. I love Percy Jackson, ATLA and dogs!
  96. Hey everyone! I'm Ash (trying to think of a more masc name) and I'm trans. I'm also bisexual with a preference for women, but only by a bit. I love HP and I am also a complete geek. My user is @Slytherin.Goddess.Of.The.Moon!
  97. Hi I'm Silveny. My username is Nadia Silveny Ronis. I am a paragirl and a polyamorous lesbian. I like anime, reading, code, and ships that will never be canon.
  98. Hey people! I'm Cinna, and I'm genderfae. While I tolerate she/her, I prefer xe/xem/xyr/xyrs/xemself pronouns. I'm omniromantic and asexual. I like reading, watching the She-Ra reboot, doing very gay things in front of my oblivious parents and friends, and SCIENCE- especially space!
  99. hello, I’m Five is the best number, though I go by green or fives. (alt of GreenDragon995) I define myslef as a lesbian. She/her pronouns. I love reading, watching star wars, and just chilling. I also draw a bit, though it’s mostly dragons. I also write. mostly fanfiction. I has a NB sibling.
  100. Ayup! I’m Wilbur!! Ima trans guy I use he/him or they/them pronouns :) I’m gender-nonconforming! I’m 12 I’m biromantic homosexual! All my socials are wilbruuhh_bawgy heehee :)
  101. Hewo people! I'm Luna, but you can call me Tigger. I am lesbian. I like to write and sing. I love singing in my opera and I'm currently trying to publish a book :) Pronouns are she/her/hers
  102. Hi People, I am Dixonsie000, you can call me Sien. I use she\her pronouns. I am pansexual. :)
  103. Hello, I'm Marie/Sammy. I'm Bisexual and I go by any pronouns! I like OMORI and I enjoy watching commentary videos.
  104. hi iam thomassinpson iam a bisexual 14 simpsons fan!
  105. Hi I am MrFrosty64 Paramale 80% Male 20% Female and Pansexual 17
  106. Hey im @Yara2345 on my alt, im abro ace and i use he/they pronouns im also genderqueer :D
  107. Hey I am Lena! @Uc25017. You can call me Uc. I am Ace! I love to do Art and Fashion. I am currently trying to write a book series called "The Fransica Chroincles" Pronouns are She/They!
  108. Ello mate! my name is clay (Clayinnit) my pronouns are they/them, and my sexualitys are bisexual, non bionary, and asexual , i love the dream smp, and i really like to draw and make art on my pc :^DD
  109. Salut! I'm 🦋 @Goldentflower 🦋 . My pronouns change, so please ask, or use Star/Stars/Starself. I'm Genderfluid, Starfluid, Asexual and Panromantic. I love to read, Play the cello, write, do art, listen to music and play minecraft 💜 Allium Duo My Beloved.
  110. Hi! I'm Jaytuft11, or Jay. My pronouns are she/her, but they/them is also acceptable. I am asexual, and abrosexual (most of the time, i'm poly, but sometimes I'm lesbian or bi)
  111. Hello! I'm @Theasexualdoodles, or Cipher. I'm aro/ace and agender. I use they/them pronouns and I have ten cats. I usually hang out in the musical fandoms, but you can find me on wattpad! Also, I'm schizophrenic and autistic. Feel free to ask me anything!
  112. I am Space-Spy. I identify as demigirl and i am a polysexual. i like science n stuff
  113. Heyyy! I'm Spilld.Mxlk🌺. You can call me Blue. My pronouns are any. I'm agender, and queer .I'm also polyamorous. I play roblox and my aesthetic is catcore. I enjoy reading webtoons and if you'd like you could add me on discord. Hope we can be friends :D
  114. I-I'm MintMalice99 [Now called 'CyanSaber88'] (call me Saber) I'm Bisexual & my pronouns are Her/She.
  115. Ello. I am @HeyItsJustMeIzzy! I am Lesbian and Non-Binary my pronouns are She/Them. I love to play roblox, read, do art, and sing. My aesthetic is Soft. I hope we can be friends- ;w;
  116. Hi! My username is Topazfire24 but please call me Topaz. My pronouns are she/her/they/them. I am a bisexual demigirl. I am quite interested in the science behind fire🔥🔥 and I enjoy having a peaceful read. I am also a cat therian 😸🐾🐈.
  117. Hello~ I’m ChewedFriedShrimp, and despite still questioning, I think I might be Omniromantic and homosexual. My pronouns are She/her <3.
  118. h-hi Im SomedayThisPainWillBeUsefulToYou Im Trans And my Pronouns are They/Them maybe she/Them
  119. NyxButNox, but call me Rax. I’m a transgender man going by he/him pronouns. I’m an ambiamorous omnisexual, which is a fancy way of saying that I’m horny and desperate. Although, another way to define it is that I’m someone who is comfortable with a monogamous or polyamorous relationship with anyone of any gender. I take interest in Harry Potter as a slightly stereotypical example of a Ravenclaw and enjoy the company of darkness.
  120. Hi! I'm LilyIUwU , but you can call me Lily or Tammy! I'm asexual and aromantic and I like to draw. I also have ADHD, so I get hyperfixated on stuff easily! I do sometimes make dark jokes, so just a heads up! I also like playing games and watching YouTube videos instead of sleeping.
  121. h e i ⭐⛹🏻‍♀️ i m m e l o ,i am lesbian amy pronouns are she/her and i love drawing and art 📸🥺🌧️ amd i love hugs from my gf 🫂❤️‍🩹🪐 i also need friends😔💔 and i love girl in red =) pride and im apart of lgbtq+🍄
  122. Hello my I'm Darknight40, but i prefer to be called Panda. I Am Aroace and Non-Binary. I go by Any/all pronouns.
  123. Hello this is Jbhjbjbnbnh ,I'm omnisexual (My preferences may change) and i'm genderfluid (she/they/he)
  124. hey, tele/ issy/ xavier on some rare days, pansexual and sick of all of the snowflakes bullshit, no just becuase i make a homophobic joke doesnt mean i myself am homophobic get off my back
  125. Salutations! My user is CrazyNugget123 but you all can call me cube! I identify as demipanromantic, graysexual and genderfae! Anyways my pronouns are she/they/he, enough about me- hope you have a splendid day! <3
  126. Greetings my fellow nerds and noodles! ‘Tis I, [2]Akuma Chisaki. But here you can call me Alex. I am a non-binary pansexual who does in fact own a gigantic pan flag with a frying pan hot glued to it! Preferred pronouns are they/them.
  127. hello im Karl! my user is Hovernotfound and im a non-binary Asexual i use they/them and she/her pronouns.
  128. hi! my name is ashton/ash. (Edit: I'm actually trans i use he/him pronouns now and im vincian)(Editpt2: tis a lie yes i am future future me, idfk what my gender is but im ok w any prns exept she/her or it/its, i also have no idea what my sexuality is but i like men but not just men?? idk? i have a bf too yay ig) i use he/they pronouns and i am omnisexual and am a demiboy (idk if you could tell). im out to some of my family and friends not all though, im working on it. Im coming out to all my family on oct 17. i like mostly pretty boys all the way (i might just be rlly gay tho also idc if their trans) :) idk what else to write haha. oh btw i fixed the random space issues and added a lot of numbers and type heres yw guys :D My discord is tranny#8337
  129. I’m Μέριλιν Λόιντ (this links to my fandom community page by the way). I am an anonymous user and I like men more than I like this fandom.
  130. Hey there, I'm Childweeb, but you can call me Silver! I think I'm paragirlflux, and I'm gynosexual, abroromantic, and polyamorous. I'm halfway out to my family, they know I'm queer in some way lol. My pronouns are they/she/other, as I'm currently also exploring what other pronouns fit me. That's basically it, yep.
  131. Hi!! I'm Elle! I'm pangender, myrsexual, abroromantic and monopoly (with a poly preference)! I go by he/him, hy/hym, she/her, they/them, it/its, xe/xem, ae/aer and some other pronouns! I like pastel aesthetics, sweet foods and sleeping! :]
  132. Hii!<3 My name is aleksei, lake or pluto and I go by he/him. I'm possibly adrosexual(???) I'm attracted to masculinity and adroginity. I like mobile games, needle work, making knots bracelets, reading and music! this is my Spotify acc [3]
  133. Hello! I'm XxNeon MaskxX call me Kai or Kageyama. I'm Bisexual and Transgender my pronouns are He/Him. I like Anime, Volleyball, Dream SMP, FNAF, Drawing, Sleeping, Music. And i have social anxiety :D
  134. Hey I am Lela! I am Non-Binary, Ace and Bi. I love to have mental breakdowns, sleep, be around my crush because its so awkward-, Miraculous and listening to music at night! <33
  135. Heyo friendos! I'm LighteningSnail, but you can call me Snail! I go by they/them and I'm a panromantic asexual! I play violin and write books, hope to see you around!
  136. sup ya'll. I'm Luminaiea, call me Lumi. I'm aroace, agender, adn a bunch of other weird stuff so ya. nice to meet you.
  137. HI l'm lucifer Daikiillly , i'm Biromantic asexual. questioning my gender he/him. i like making friends and talking on discord . reading and writing are my fav things. i lm also monopoly
  138. What up I’m CnToeSussie, and I am a non-binary pansexual. I’ve had it with life, you know. I believe that people secretly hate me and wish I was dead. School’s stressing me out, my parents are jerks, and I just don’t know what to do.
  139. Hello. my name is Veggie or Veg, which ever sounds best 🌱 (talk) 16:53, 15 December 2021 (UTC). I have no idea what I am but all I know is that I'm not straight. he/him/they/vegetable. Im the average wiki editor and maker. You can find me in the Hazbin Hotel(home wiki),Owl house,Dreamteam,Murder Drones(owner),Battle for dream Island,and other wikis. I have a twin sister named fruity (a very fruity bish).
  140. The New Horizons YouTube Channel - Hey everyone! I'm a transgender girl. My name is Anna. Please use pronouns she, her and hers while referring to me. I am fond of science and music. And I am an online activist for the LGBTQIA+ community. I'm also lesbian. And I came here to make some friends! Love you all!
  141. [ Hellow guys! I am a demi lesbian. My name is Anne for short! I love baking, playing basket ball, drawing and lots more! I have a bisexual friend who I may have a slight crush on because she is amazing! I have lesbian friends as well. We support each other a lot. I came onto the wiki thinking there wouldn't be people like me but there are thousands. LGBT+ is a big family which i support. Love ya'll!!
  142. Hi, I'm Leyre and I'm abrosexual and gender fluid, I use the pronouns he and she :3
  143. Hello! I’m IceLava, call me Ice. (Obviously, I’m not going to share my real name.) i am pansexual and nonbinary, they/them, I like
  144. Hi, I'm Rayvena, a very lazy bisexual who prefers women and uses she/they pronouns. I'm an ally to every sexuality and gender identity, whether you be agender, cis, or xenogender. I originally simply used she/her pronouns because I'm a girl, but there was a period of time when I was confused about my gender. I decided I wanted to identify as a female, but my pronouns updated to she/they pronouns. Many of my friends are straight, but they understand me which is great. I dream of a world where every gender identity and sexuality is accepted and everyone can be proud of who they are.
  145. hello i'm ghostie i'm a femboy thinking about going trans also i'm pan-sexual and a-sexual i hope we can be friends bc i have no friends :'D i love hunter x hunter and my life is drama :"D have a great day love 😍💞✨
  146. Hi I'm Magmcles my name is Mag and I am lesbian and non-binary. Despite what the lesbian wiki says enbys CAN be lesbian and ya. I like writing scripts and planning things that are never going to happen. I do this so much that my group has a name for it "sailing to England moments" due to the time we planned to sail from Australia to England. ( we were 9 and 10 at the time) Any way I've written a lot so bye!
  147. Hi I am Itz henka gacha, I am asexual and aromantic. My favourite shows are The Powerpuff Girls, PINY Institute of New Yourk and Flipper and Lopaka. Most of the time I spend on fandom wikis. I live in Slovakia. My pronous are She/Her. Have a nice day.
  148. Hi I am JoshuaJackson101010 and I am genderfaun and bisexual. =)
  149. Hi! I’m Otto! I use xe/ze/they/it/he/ey pronouns, I love girls and non binary folks! My fav books are Compass south, endgames!
  150. Quarssi, I'm Just a random jellyfish, you can call me "jellyfish" or just "jelly", I'm an agender and I use He/They pronouns
  151. Hello! Rogue is my name and I'm Asexual, Pansexual, and I'm questioning my gender. I use he/they pronouns. I'd love to get to know about our community and I hope to make friends here! Have an amazing day my fruity friends!
  152. Nobody here knows me, but I'm IHaveToChangeMyUsernameNooooo. I'm bisexual/biromantic for men and women prefer women though, and I'm almost sure that I'm polysexual. I feel 100% female and use she/her pronouns, but I don't really mind using they/them pronouns. I'm still questioning what this means.
  153. Hiya! I'm Min3craftizdamast3r and I hate my wiki name, so call me IdiotEnder! I go by He/Him pronouns, and i'm Polysexual! I hope everyone that reads this is having a very pleasant evening/day/night! :]
  154. Hi, I'm KiwiGalaxy, you can call me Gala. I go by she/her pronouns and I'm bi-curious. I'm also a total bookworm. My fave books are The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Wings of Fire.
  155. Hello I'm WeirdRatBoy. I'm a gay trans man. He/him. :P thats it.
  156. Helloooo I'm Hyunjinswife08 and I am non-binary (pronouns are she/they and they/them) and abrosexual :)
  157. Hi I'm PoggersRanboo, Or Pogboo, I Am Bisexual And I Use All Pronouns
  158. Hiiii my name is @M&mbestiez, or M, pronouns are she/her, I am bisexual and am questioning my gender. My passions are rollerskating, gaming, and music. ig thats it lolz
  159. Hi! I'm Hydrangea The Sleepless. I'm a pansexual trans male, and I use she/him.
  160. Hi, I am one of the people using Vixy's account! I'm Vinny! Vixy's sib! I use Japan/Japan's/Japanself pronouns and I am Redsexual!
  161. I'm Kona! One of the users controlling Vixy's account! I use She/Xe/They/Meow/Aquarius'/Ninaself! I am Bisexual!
  162. Sup shawty? I am Woan! Pronounced Rowan. I control Vixy's acc! I use Xe/They/He pronouns. I am from Russia. Эй! <----(Proof I'm Russian!) I support trans rights and I am confused with sexuality.
  163. Heya! I'm JevTheJester! Most people call me Jev, Jevs, Jevil, or Jevie though. I identify as a Polyamorus-Bisexual. My pronouns are She/Her and Sol/Sols/Soldier/Soldiers/Soldierself. Female is my assigned gender at birth and Soldiergender are my neos. My interests are Undertale/Deltarune, Sam and Max, and TF2.
  164. Hey my name is Wolfypup-shadow and I'm a demisexual panromantic. My pronouns are she/her.
  165. Hi im Mars, im from Usa.My fav things are basketball, playing, and reading. I am a queer and use he/they.
  166. Hi I'm Jennifer, I'm from the UK. I think that I'm asexual, agender, pansexual, panromantic and demisexual, I go by Well pretty much any old pronoun apart from it / its idk they just seem really off-putting for me....(APART FROM THAT I REALLY DONT CARE MY PRONOUNS). My favourite things to do is reading and drawing, ik tiny list of things I like to do.
  167. whats up! :) im leo or "Inso666" i'm trans enby, panromantic, asexual and i use he/they <3
  168. Hi there! So i am Pan, Genderfluid my name is Lany. I like anime, minecraft, watching netflix and basically everything that has to do with music have a nice day <3
  169. Hey there I'm Leelee. A proud bisexual. My pronouns are She/Her. User: Leelee0405
  170. Hi, I'm Elisa. My username is @SarcasticPansexualDemigirl (I don't know how to link stuff sorry) and I am a pansexual demigirl as you can tell from my user, LOL. I go by any pronouns. I like cats and bunnies because they're cute <3
  171. Hi, I am Carli. My user is NothingImportant239. I am new to the wiki. I identify as abrosexual, currently questioning my romantic orientation and I am a cis female(she/her). I like MHA, FNAF, Dream SMP, music, watching YouTube till midnight, and sleeping. I have ADHD. Have a good day/night/morning/afternoon/evening. :)
  172. Hi, Im Micah or Mika. My user is Mikeyisconfused (idk how to link something..). Im aegosexual and aromantic. Im currently questioning my gender identity, maybe demigirl/girlflux or sth like that that. I use she/ney/ze/vy pronouns

Feel free to add yourself! This list can go on forever! :D